Can I use this as an body wash?

Yes, it is safe for hand and body use.

Is this soap moisturizing?

The soap main purpose is to cleanse, but the soft oils help combat dryness. 

My soap isn't foaming, what should I do?

Place the foam pump in some fresh water and squeeze several times until it's clear. Place the foam pump back onto the soap bottle and dispense some soap. If the soap isn't foaming, contact admin@scrubdemhands.com for a foam pump replacement.

Where can I find my tracking number?

Once a shipping label is created, an email with the tracking number will be sent to you. Or, if you have an account, you can check your orders for the tracking number.

My shipping address is incorrect, what do I do?

You may contact the shipping carrier as soon as possible to intercept the package and have the address changed. 

My packaged is marked delivered, but I have not received it; where is it?

Carriers may place your package in a hidden spot to prevent theft from porch pirates.


Some carriers scan packages as "Delivered" when it is still out for delivery. Allow some time for it to be delivered.