About Us

Scrub Dem Hands was founded in 2020 during the height of the pandemic. The founder, Rashaun, realized that many of the soaps on the market were made with chemicals that are keeping our skin dry and unhealthy. The soaps people commonly use are a "chemical wash." Pronouncing those ingredients is like speaking in tongue! Here at Scrub Dem Hands we use simple and natural ingredients to make our soap skin safe. 

Once the perfect hand cleansing formula was established, there was something still missing. A name! Something catchy and motivational was needed to get everyone to wash their hands, from the youngest to the eldest. Then the ah ha moment came: "Scrub Dem Hands" was thought of. It's fun, catchy, and motivational!
Every surface you touch is straight nasty! 
Your phone, door, outside, even your own damn hands! 
Using this soap will remove the nastiness! 
Don’t be a scrub! And, scrub dem hands!